References from Family Members

“We were so very pleased with the care that my aunt received at the Altenheim. She went in skeptical as many do, but spent the last 1 ½ years the happiest I have seen her in a long long time.

The staff was amazing with her and she made so many friends while she was there. The activities they provided kept her social and more alert. The nurses were always so patient and caring and helped me along the way learning how to deal with an aging family member. I would highly recommend the Altenheim to anyone.”

Janeen Lush | 502.767.5170

“I knew that The Altenheim was the perfect place for my husband after touring the facility. It is well-appointed, spotless and lends the feeling of home to every resident. The staff is amazing — many of whom who have been employed there for more than fifteen years. That, itself, speaks volumes. I have recommended The Altenheim to many friends who have placed their loved one there, also. Truly — The Altenheim is a home away from home.”

Kay Matton | 502.552.5300

“I was very happy with the care my mom received at The Altenheim. The community is small and unique compared to other communities we toured. We found the staff to be passionate about the care they provided and genuinely seemed to love their jobs. The Altenheim and the residents were truly our second family.”

Mike Hall | 502.333.5491

“My mother lived at The Altenheim from 1997 until she passed in 2004. When my aunt moved there in 2016 many of the same caring, loving staff were still there. It is still the excellent, well-kept, small facility it had been 12 years before. I love The Altenheim and the people who work there. Words are inadequate to describe my gratitude and love for the people who work at this facility.”

Marie Bunce | 502.641.1854

“I was so pleased that we were able to move my dad to the Altenheim. Being able to have a place for him in the Highlands, our neighborhood, made the transition so much easier. After our initial tour, he thought it was the best place for him to move. We love the fact that the building is historic and has so much character and personality. Dad is really enjoying having meals and activities with his new neighbors. Though his living space itself is smaller, he is getting more exercise moving around the building and enjoys the nice redecorated sitting areas and the outdoor space. The staff have been so welcoming and helpful with his transition to the facility. Many of the staff have worked at the Altenheim for years and have a lot of pride in their facility.”

Troy D. Burden | 502.420.8904